It Folds Into... is a performance made in collaboration with Tom America, for De Wintertuin (literary production house).

Tom America makes compositions with spoken word, based on the idea that speech has its own musicality. For It Folds Into... he recorded the voices of three young women from different European countries. They tell about their journey home for christmas, their work, the wedding of a friend. I made songs and projections to accompany their stories, and interviewed my Frisian grandmother to offer her perspective on love and time. The show or perfomance that came into existence is about internationality, rootedness, and the question what being at home really means.

For more information, please go to De Wintertuin.


Previous shows a.o.:

Theater Bouwkunde, Deventer. 12 April 2011 // Pop Arts Festival, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam. 25 & 26 Feb 2011 // Flachland Festival, Berlijn 27 August 2010 // Flux-s Eindhoven, 10 & 12 Sept. 2010 // GeenDadenMaarWoorden Festival Utrecht, 23 Oct. 2010.